Revis to Bucs?

There has been a lot of speculation as to whether Darelle Revis will be traded to the Buccaneers this offseason. The deciding factor seems to be the #13 overall pick in the 2013 draft, and the Buccaneers reluctance to give it up. Revis is coming off of an ACL tear, and wants a new contract, which is a recipe for disaster, but after all, when healthy he is arguably the best at his craft.

If I were the Buccaneers I would stay away from this deal, this has bad idea written all over it. There are many good defensive back prospects this year in the draft and you don’t have to pay them $16 million a year. The other reason is that you just don’t know how he’s going to play after his knee surgery. There is a pretty good chance he will struggle because he’s been off the field for so long, and both teams (Jets and Buccaneers) would have to get a medical update to see how well he is doing.

Lastly we have to put the Jets salary cap into the equation. It’s reported that they cannot afford to keep him, whereas the Buccaneers have cash flowing out of their ears. The Buccaneers could potentially wait until next years free agency starts, get a good look at how he does during the season, and make an offer based on what their scouts evaluate him at.

When all is said and done, the Buccaneers shouldn’t go all-in on a corner who has been sidelined for a year with an ACL tear, without at least seeing him perform on the field first, it is a huge risk for a team that is potentially a quarterback and a couple defensive players away from a playoff berth.


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